Seminars & Events

Educational workshops are an added value offered by Heritage Financial Group to both our clients and community. Our focus is to provide "information that empowers smart decision making." It is our belief that a firm understanding of financial principals is the key to success in any advisor relationship.

Current and past educational workshops:

"The Coming Real Estate Wealth Transfer"

"What Now? Economic Risks Going Forward..."

"What Now? Real Estate Opportunities and Economic Risks Going Forward..."

"Multigenerational Effects of Estate Planning and Taxes." - A two hour seminar focused on understanding basic estate planning principles, benefits of good planning and consequences of poor planning.

"Real Estate Investment and Analysis" - A detailed overview of the "Real estate" asset class.

"Identity Theft : Discovering the Keys to Your Protection" - A seminar addressing the basics of identity theft, dangerous behaviors that make it easy for the thieves and how to avoid them as well as how to recover if you have been a victim.

"Retirement and Wealth Building Principles" - A detailed workshop focusing on Cash Management, Business Entities, Retirement Planning, Taxation, Investment Planning, Risk Managment, and Estate Planning.

"Forecasts Past and Present" - An entertaining and eye opening presentation displaying the often varied results of economic predictions from "the expert pundits" and how they faired to the way things really unfolded.

For questions related to these courses or if you would like Heritage Financial Group to speak at an event or aid in conducting an educational or appreciation event for your business clients or organization, please contact us directly via phone: 651 453 0336